About Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) is located in Melbourne, FL. Their mascot is Pete the Panther. Their hours open are from Monday through Friday at 8am to 10pm. If you want to go to their official website, visit Florida Institute of Technology. In the fall, FIT enrolled 4,633 students at the main campus, and 1,160 off-campus and 3,466 online students for a sum of 9,112. The boy to girl ratio is 73:27. In this school religion ethnicity, not even age matters. The acceptance rate is rate 57%.

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When it comes to tuition and fees, the undergraduate engineering and science majors before the Spring of 2011 are $17,930 dollars. The undergraduates after Summer 2011 are $18,620 dollars.All other undergraduate majors before Spring 2011 are $16,335. The time after Summer 2011 is $16,965 dollars.If you are going to school for part-time, for the Summer, or registering for 20 credit hours or more then it is $1,075 dollars per credit hour.If you are going online,it will cost you $510 dollars per credit hour, and then with dual enrollment,it costs $100 dollars per credit hour.

For graduate students, their Melbourne Campus is $1,179 dollars per credit hour.Their Extended Studies excluding the doctoral program is $588 dollars per credit hour, but including the Doctor of Business Administration is also $1,179 dollars per credit hour. Their Aeronautics Online Graduate Programs are also $588 dollars per credit hour. For online, just for MBA is $896 dollars per credit hour, but for all other graduate programs is $777 dollars per credit hour. The Psychology Practicum is $515 dollars per credit hour, Psychology Internship is $2,630 dollars per semester, and the Psychology, Doctorate (Psy.D.) is $29,430 dollars per year. For more information, click the link up at the top of the page.

If you are a Major, you can choose from Aeronautics, Business, Education, Engineering, Interdisciplinary, Liberal Arts, Military Science/Army, Premedical, Psychology, Science, and UTeach. The most popular ones are Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering; Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Aviation/Airway Management and Operations; and Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography. The teacher to student ratio is 1:9.

The residence of FIT live in Columbia Village, Southgate Apartments, Harris Village, Residence Halls, or Mary Star of the Sea for freshman to live in. They also have over 27 different living facilities for freshman and upperclassmen areas. The available scholoarships are Norma S. Annabal Scholarship,Ella Josephine Goodman Horn Scholarship,Pablo Enriquez Memorial Scholarship, Georgia HS Sr/Grad pursuing Aviation Career (Georgia Business Aviation Association (GBAA), Female grads & undergrads in studies related to transportation (Women in Transportation (WTS), Central Florida Chapter), Undergraduate student scholarship application,Graduate student scholarship application, Students pursuing a non-nursing college degree or a qualified nursing program (Nurses Link), College Student Scholarship,Nursing Program Scholarship, Minority doctoral applicants to selected Florida universities (Florida Education Fund), Graduate students planning for, in or completing a doctoral degree program (Ford Foundation).

The minimum GPA you need for admissions to get into this school is 2.5. The minimum SAT score you need is 1030 out of 1,600. The minimum corse requirements is you need to have test scores and a High School GPA. It would be recommended that you have High School Class Rank, a Completion of College Prepatory Program, and recommendations. Some unique info about this school is Mr.Bill Johnson got the Skurla Award: an oustanding Alumni Award when he was the Executive Director of the Florida Airports Council in September 2001.

When the students are off campus they are active in student organizations. In these organizations, or clubs, they swing dance along with other activities. If you want more information, call (321) 674-8000, or drive to 150 W University Blvd. For an email it is techsupport@fit.edu.