University of Tampa

The University of Tampa's mascot is the Spartacus.

There are 7,700 students enrolled for fall of 2014. 44.8% are males and the other 52.2% are females.

Types of people on campus

6% of the students are African American, 1% are Asians, 12% are Hispanic, 10% are International, 0% are Native american, 59% are White, 9% are Unknown. 50% of the students are from Florida. The types of scholarships are, Presidential scholarships, Deans Scholarship, Mineart Scholarship, and the Spartan Scholarship.

Types of things to do on campus

There are 200 diffrent clubs. There is also more than 150 majors. The minimum SAT for Critical Reading is 480-570,for Math it's 500-580, and for Writing it's 480-560. The minimum GPA for freshmen are 1% have 2.00-2.49, 21% have had 2.50-2.99, 25% have had 3.00-3.24, 22% have had 3.25-3.49, 17% have had 3.5-3.74, 1% have had 3.75+. To get in for 1 person it's $522 per credit hours.

How to contact them

The phone number to contact them is (813)-253-3333, hours they are open are 8:30am-5:00, their website is right there as you can see. To find were they are located you can search it or you can look here 401 W Kenned Blvd.Tampa,FL 33606. University of Tampa is a private school. Plant Hall is the main academic building. Students on campus go to parties, hangout with friends, or do extra activities.

The tuition fees are $25,772 dollars. Most of the students live on campus. Students that live on campus have higher graduation rates, and higher GPA's. Freshman applicants should be currently enrolled in highschool with no college credits, should currently be enrolled in highschool with duel enrollment college credits, and should currently have graduated highschool with no earned college credits. There most popular major is the music department. There 50 faculty members of the Department of Music are active musical performers, scholars, creators and above all, dedicated teachers who encourage the success and professional development of their students through one-on-one attention and small class sizes.