Florida International University

Florida International University or FIU is located in Miami, Florida

Intresting fact about FIU is that they are a puplic school and there population is 60,592 the male to female 45% to 55%.There are also 67% Hispanic,12% African American,10% Caucasion,3% Asian, 2% Two or more races.

The tuition and fees in state are $6,497 out of state they are $18,896. The room and board fees are in state $10,702 out of state is $10,702.The percent of students that go to the school in state are 97% and the out of state students percent are 3%.

This is there statue of there mascot Roary the Panther.

There class size is 30-39 students.The classes that most students take Business 35%, Psychology 10%, Social Sciences 9%, Security and Protective Services 6%, Biology 5%, Education 5%, Health Profession 5%.

To get into the college the minimum SAT score you need is 460 and the minimum GPA score in spring 2016 you need is 2.8. The minimum corse requirement you need is English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Also you need to have 18 academic units in a college preparatory.

Some intresting things to know about the school is the top floor of the Green Library is oppose to have a friendly ghost.To get to FIU's home page click on the link FIU.There email is onestop@fiu.edu and there contact number is (305) 348-2000.