This college, the University of Oregon, is located in Eugene, Oregon. The total number of students who attend this school is 24,548 students. Out of this total, 11,694 are male, and 12,854 are female.

This school's ethnic breakdown of Oregon includes 147 American Indian or an Alaskan Native, 1,247 Asian, 468 African American, 1,878 Hispanic, 1,263 Multi-Ethnic, 116 Native Hawaiian, 15,890 White, and 593 Unknown-Ethnicity.

This college's mascot is the Oregon Duck.

The tuition and fees for residents are a total of $9,918, and for nonresidents, it's $30,888. The On-Campus housing cost is the same for both residents and nonresidents, going in on a total of $11,097.

Most of these students live Off-campus, but in-state. 54% live in Oregon, 34% out-of-state, and 12% internationally.

Many of the scholarships available are Stamps, Presidential, Diversity Excellence, Summit, Apex, General University, PathwayOregon, Staton, and the National Merit.

At OU, there are a total of 77 majors to choose from, and there are, on average, 20 people in each class. The ratio of students to teachers is 19:1.

The most popular majors and programs are social sciences, businesses/marketing, communications/journalism, foreign languages, literature, psychology, performing arts, biology, and interdisciplinary studies.

The minimum GPA for admission into this college is a standard 3.0.

The minimum SAT score for admission is 495-620 for Critical Reading, 500-620 for Math, and 490-610 for Writing.

The minimum course requirements are 4 years of English, 2 years of Foreign Language, 3 years of Math, 3 years of Science, 1 recommended year of a Science-Lab class, and 3 years of Social Studies.

Some notable alumni that graduated from this college were Neil Goldschmidt, Daniel Wu, and Robert S. Bean.

Students have the fun life of sports, like foorball, cross country, soccer, volleyball, and acrobatics. That can be found at Some of the entertaining programs are biology, game programming, and life science.

This school is a public college that accepts people from in-state, out-of-state, and internationally.

You can contact this college here: Phone number: 541-346-1000{}Street address: 1585 E. 13th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97403{}The contact information can be found at